28 Jun LinkedIn introduces updates, make sure you stay connected!

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This past Wednesday, LinkedIn introduced two new updates to help each user make the most out of their experience. The two updates, “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” and “You Recently Viewed”, allow users to..

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27 Jun TBT- how Throwback Thursday can help your business!

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I know that one of my favorite social network trends is TBT, or Throwback Thursday, if you are having a minor mental lapse 🙂 However, as I sit her today wandering through my old posts and pictures, s..

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26 Jun How Facebook users turn into Facebook fans!

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Facebook has transformed from a medium used to connect with old friends, share pictures, and update status, into one of the most prominent and influential marketing tools a brand can utilize. Whether ..

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25 Jun Hashtags as Subtitles, Social Media on Television!

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Last night, as I watched this summer’s guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette season 9, I couldn’t help but notice the role of Social Media on television. As the show continued, and Desiree went on each of..

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24 Jun Connect Privately, use Burn Note!

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I can’t begin to tell you the frustration I feel when a friend sneaks a screen shot of an embarrassing snapchat! Even worse then the overwhelming sense of privacy invasion felt after an inopportune ..

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21 Jun InstaVids- Love them or Hate them?

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We all figured that sooner or later Facebook would respond to Twitter’s Vine application, but would we be happy about the app when it arrived? Videographers and social networkers alike are having mixe..

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20 Jun Socialfly’s Favorite Summer Fashion Trends, as seen on Pinterest!

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Need help to re-inspire your summer wardrobe? Take a look at some of our favorite trends (all found on Pinterest)!

One. Color inspiration! Use pops of vibrant colors whenever you can. For example, ..

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19 Jun 4 Valuable Tips for Pinterest Marketing!

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Having trouble branding or marketing your product? Pinterest offers a unique, creative, and surprisingly fun platform to get a jump-start on your company’s marketing incentives!

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19 Jun Feel like Life is Incomplete without Social Media? This may be Why!

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Have you ever felt like if you were disconnected from your social media networks for the day that something was missing, or incomplete? Well, there may actually be some psychological fact to prove tha..

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18 Jun How to Lose Your Followers/Friends in 10 Days

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Are you confused as to why your friend or follower number is decreasing day after day? It’s not them, it’s you! Here are some daily things you may be doing that turn people off:

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