How Facebook users turn into Facebook fans!

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Facebook has transformed from a medium used to connect with old friends, share pictures, and update status, into one of the most prominent and influential marketing tools a brand can utilize. Whether you are a Facebook Fan or a Facebook Brand, the following reasons for seeking your respective brands and followers via Facebook are both interesting and valuable!

Thanks to Syncapse, we now know the top 10 reasons why people become fans of brands. The information can help you become more informative on both the marketing and purchasing ends of the spectrum!

One. To support the brand I like.

Two. To get a coupon or discount.

Three. To receive regular updates from the brands I like.

Four. To participate in contests.

Five. To share my personal good experiences.

Six. Tp share my interests / lifestyles with others.

Seven. To research brands where I was looking for specific products / services.

Eight. Seeing my friends are already a friend, or “liked”.

Nine. A brand advertisement (TV, online, magazine) led me to become a fan.

Ten. Someone recommended me to become a fan of the brand.


Now that you know what drives followers to become fans, how will you market your business?!

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