Hashtags as Subtitles, Social Media on Television!

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Last night, as I watched this summer’s guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette season 9, I couldn’t help but notice the role of Social Media on television. As the show continued, and Desiree went on each of her three dates, I was both watching the show and watching for fan input; looking forward to finding out if other fans felt the same in regards to each respective bachelor.

It was then that I noticed how important Social Media, specifically Twitter, has become when it comes to the success and popularity of a show. Twitter, allowing individuals to have a virtual conversation, allows people to talk about the show before its premier, during its air time, and long after the show wraps. Social media on television has allowed shows to endure through time and remain relevant even on the days when it is not actively being aired.

For better or for worse, Social Media has not only changed our virtual lives, but it has also changed the way we interact on a face-to-face basis as well as the way we interact with celebrities and our favorite television shows.


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