26 Dec Instagram Updates for Influencers

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Social media is always a moving target, and with continuous platform updates, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest features. Instagram is rolling out new ca..

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11 Dec Instagram Rolls Out New Close Friends Feature for Stories

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Instagram just released their newest feature called “close friends.” It is a customized list of people you’ve decided t..

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06 Dec What to Expect for Influencer Marketing in 2019

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Over the past few years, brands have continuously increased their marketing budgets to Read More

30 Nov Instagram is Your New Shopping Destination

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It’s easy to forget how much social media platforms have evolved. Remember when stories didn’t exist on Instagram? We used a different app, Snapchat, to record and ..

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15 Nov Impressions vs. Awareness: what does it all mean?

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Impressions vs. awareness. They are two of the hottest words within the influencer marketing space that play a heavy role in determining brand partnerships. At face value, the importance of these wor..

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15 Nov The Best Influencers to Follow for Holiday Inspiration

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The days are getting shorter and colder, which means only one thing: it’s time to start celebrating the holidays! The stress of planning holiday parties and locking d..

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14 Nov The Top 5 Factors to Consider When Casting Influencers

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With the rising popularity of influencer marketing, the number of talented people creating social media profiles and building their followings has grown drastically. Wi..

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06 Nov What Platform is Right for Your Next Influencer Campaign?

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When formulating a strategic plan to promote your brand through influencers, it is important to consider more than just the people behind the campaign. Selecting the ri..

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01 Nov Instagram's Efforts to Spread Kindness

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Instagram is doing its part to fight bullies with the addition of anti-bullying features. Designed to spread kindness, the update is the first under the platform’s ne..

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29 Oct Small Business Guide to Instagram Video

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We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it a million more—EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS TO BE ON INSTAGRAM. The proof is in the puddin’. As one of the fastest growin..

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