InstaVids- Love them or Hate them?

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We all figured that sooner or later Facebook would respond to Twitter’s Vine application, but would we be happy about the app when it arrived? Videographers and social networkers alike are having mixed emotions about Instagram’s new platform to create “InstaVids”, but what are the merits to this argument? Should you love it, or hate it? Here are some arguments to help you decide which team to play for!

6 Seconds VS. 15 Seconds

Vine is famous for it’s mini-clip take on videography, the app gives you only 6 seconds to get your point across and establish meaning. Instagram, on the other hand, is providing users with 15 seconds of available time. After using Vine, 15 seconds may seem like an eternity, but it does offer the user more time to get creative, send a message, and establish a brand. Furthermore, if you don’t want to use 15 seconds you can post before the time frame is full, presenting the user with a win-win scenario!

Application Settings

Now, this may be the one place where Vine has a clear advantage, at least in my mind. The time bar, illustrating how much recording space you have left, is much thinner and less visible on the Instagram video app. Also, it will take some time to get used to the large record button, rather than the simplicity of tapping the scene. However, these features do not prevent the user from taking very small clips and creating stop motion videos!

Focus and Exposure

While creating your video you can adjust focus and exposure for every captured frame to ensure the best quality and picture possible!


Now, the filter argument has two sides to it, both with solid backing. First, how cool! You can shoot your videos though your choice of filter, which only furthers your artistic capabilities. On the other hand, some videographers argue that these filters can ruin the video, so be sure to use your filters wisely!

So, in the battle between Vine and Instagram, who will be victorious? There is no way to tell exactly, and I am sure that Vine is not going anywhere anytime soon, but the arrival of InstaVids and the popularity of Instagram will be sure to decrease Vine’s popularity- for better or for worse.


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