28 Dec 2017 Social Media Superlatives

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As this year comes to a close, we reflect on the good, bad, and the ugly of social media content. Because we are feeling a bit nostalgic, we took a look at the social m..

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27 Dec Instagram Like an Influencer

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite influencer has a seamless feed on Instagram? Or how they are always able to create the optimal shot?

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20 Dec Instagram Enables Users to Follow HASHTAGS!

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A new day, a new update from Instagram. Earlier this month, the platform announced that it will now enable users to follow specific hashtags!

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19 Dec Facebook Introduces AR to the Masses

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On Facebook’s Camera Effects page, it highlights users delighted by Stranger Things’ cute (and slightly terrifying) infant Pollywag moving atop their head, transfor..

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15 Dec Archive And Highlight The Best of Your Social Media Content

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I take pride in my Instagram Stories. I feel no shame admitting I have LOL’d at my own social media content before. There are no better social media highs than finding ..

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11 Dec Cracking the Code: What Type of Influencer Campaign Does Your Brand Really Need?

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Influencer Marketing is all the rage these days, but for many brands, knowing how to work effectively with influences is still a mystery. Teaming up with social media s..

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07 Dec Influencer Marketing On The Rise: 2018 Predictions

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Social media has had its fair amount of time in the limelight, but recently coming to the forefront, is influencer marketing.

Most would say these online personalities a..

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04 Dec Elevate Your Social Media Content With These Simple Photoshop Tricks

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One of the many challenges to establishing a brand’s online presence is the constant need for high-quality social media content. Sure, you can throw some Read More

30 Nov Snap Inc. Goes Rogue with New, Improved Snapchat Design

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Snap Inc. released their plan for the new and improved Snapchat app just yesterday, and it’s nothing like you would expect. While many social media platforms have bui..

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28 Nov The Social Media Age Gap

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“I’m 35.”

That was my response to Jules, our marketing coordinator, and resident celebrity gossip expert when she asked me to write about Snapchat’s platform updates. There are two things I..

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