TBT- how Throwback Thursday can help your business!

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I know that one of my favorite social network trends is TBT, or Throwback Thursday, if you are having a minor mental lapse 🙂 However, as I sit her today wandering through my old posts and pictures, searching for the perfect TBT shot, I found myself wondering how businesses could benefit from this current trend. It turns out that business who take advantage of TBT are definitely increasingly their likability and fan base.

First, being able to TBT demonstrates that your brand has been around, that they have experience and that they are experts in the field. Secondly, and in my opinion most importantly, it shows that your business is fun and that your willing to let lose! Not only does a TBT demonstrate your ability to have fun, but it creates a common ground between you and your followers. Lastly, TBT shows your company’s unique personality and creativity, and by doing so you can demonstrate why your business is the best fit for your follower’s needs!

Today is the perfect day to start! Don’t feel embarrassed, the more real the shot the more relatable you become!

Throwback Thursday

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