21 Snapchat Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

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Snapchat entered the social media scene in 2011 (initially as Picaboo) but really took off around 2012, giving users a place to send images and messages that would quickly disappear. Today the platform has more than 800 million monthly active users (MAU) worldwide.

Snapchat servers are designed to automatically delete all one-on-one and group chats once they’ve been viewed by all recipients. This novel approach to social media made the app a fast favorite among teens and young adults.

If your target audience (teens and young adults) is on the platform, these Snapchat statistics will give you insight into Snapchat users and how to connect with your target demo to get the best return on ad spend.

Why do people use Snapchat?

Snapchat boasts that its users are genuinely happier when using the platform, thanks to the app’s engaging, immersive experiences.

It’s this personal experience, says the company, that makes users much more receptive to content and ads.

In the words of one Snapchatter: “I prefer to post more personal things on my Snapchat — I post more about my kids, more about my husband and my life. It feels more personal…you’re seeing real insights about how someone’s day is going.”

Snapchat Stories are collections of photos and videos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours. They’re a favorite among users, inspiring similar features on other social media platforms.

Without further delay, here are some Snapchat insights to help you rev up your marketing on Snapchat in 2024.

General Snapchat Stats

Get a taste of Snapchat’s reach with key facts and stats that highlight where the platform stands in the social media landscape.

1: Snapchat is the 5th most popular mobile messenger app in the world.

If you’re wondering how many people use Snapchat, the answer is more than three-quarters of a billion people worldwide. Snapchat is the world’s fifth most popular messaging app as of April 2024, with 800 million monthly active users (MAU).

The company is in 5th place behind WhatsApp (2 billion MAU), WeChat (1.34 billion MAU), Facebook Messenger (1.01 billion MAU), and Telegram (900 million MAU).

2: Snapchat is the 10th most popular social media platform in the world.

Snapchat may not be the most popular social media app, but its niche user base of hyper-connected teens and young adults is worth pursuing if they’re part of your target audience.

Facebook reigns supreme as the world’s most popular social media platform, with more than 3 billion monthly active users worldwide, followed by YouTube, with 2.5 billion users.

3: Snapchat isn’t just for teens.

Many people think of Snapchat exclusively as an app for tweens and teens, but the company claims to reach 90% of the 13- to 24-year-old population and 75% of the 13- to 34-year-old population in more than 20 countries.

This means you might have more marketing opportunities on the platform than you realize, especially if your target demo is young adults and digital natives. To find out if marketing on Snapchat is worth your while, connect with a social media management expert.

4: Snapchat is the preferred app for creating photos and videos via the camera.

That’s according to the findings of a study Snapchat commissioned, which compared the activities of daily Snapchatters to daily users of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and X/Twitter.

Snapchat User/Demographic Stats

Happy multiracial teen college students on snapchat

Uncover who’s using Snapchat and why it matters. The user and demographic stats below reveal the age, gender, and geographic distribution of Snapchat’s user base to help you tailor your content strategy and ad campaigns on the platform.

5: Snapchat has 422 million daily active users worldwide.

Snapchat’s daily active user base grew from 414 million in Q4 of 2023 to 422 million in Q1 of 2024. It may not be off-the-charts growth, but it’s also not too shabby. As the expression goes, slow and steady wins the race.

6: The number of Snapchat users is expected to increase by 27% in the next 4 years.

This is according to data published by Statista. Snapchat is expected to increase by 165.7 million users between 2024 and 2028. This will bring the user base to more than 779 million by 2028.

The number of Snapchat users has steadily increased in recent years, and there’s no reason to believe that trend won’t continue.

7: More than a third of Snapchat users are 18 to 24 years old.

This group represented the largest age segment of Snapchat users, as of January 2024. 38.5% of users were men or women ages 18 to 24. Another 20% of users were 13 to 17 years old. Meanwhile, people over age 35 were much less likely to use Snapchat.

If young people aren’t your target demo, your ad dollars are probably better spent on other platforms.

8: Snapchat has a virtually equal gender distribution.

As of April 2024, 49.1% of global users identified as female, while 50% were male. It’s not clear whether these stats account for non-binary users.

But with no major apparent gap in gender distribution, it’s safe to say that, however your target audience identifies, advertising on the platform is a safe bet.

9: 95% of Gen Z have used visual communication when messaging friends.

Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms for visual content. Snapchatters use the platform to track moment to moment experiences, creating engaging and immersive content that helps them feel more connected.

This means that using visual content is a must when advertising on the platform. A social media management agency can help you create compelling ads that users will Snap up.

10: India has the biggest Snapchat audience base.

With 202.5 million users as of April 2024, India has more Snapchat users—by a wide margin—than any other country. The United States comes in second place, with more than 106 million users, followed by Pakistan, with 31.9 million users.

Snapchat is projected to reach more than 531 million global users by 2025.

Snapchat Usage Stats

Snapchat app open on smart phone

Dive into the latest data on how people are using Snapchat and what keeps them engaged. In this section, you’ll find crucial usage statistics that reveal patterns in user activity, frequency, and content interaction.

11: 14% of Snapchat users are on the app “almost constantly.”

Meanwhile, 29% of Snapchat users are on the app several times a day. These groups create huge opportunities for marketers. Focus on creating engaging content and ads that resonate with these hyper-connected young audiences.

By the way, the segment of Snapchat users who are on the app “almost constantly” rivals those of other popular video-based apps, including YouTube (16%) and TikTok (17%).

12: 90% of Snapchatters report feeling happy when using the app.

They also reported feeling comfortable and connected. This is good news, because feeling connected makes people feel happier. With all the negative attention on social media, lately, it’s refreshing to hear that Snapchat users feel genuinely happy and joyful while using the app.

13: More than 300 million Snapchat users engage with AR daily, on average.

Augmented reality tools are a big part of Snapchat’s appeal. The company is constantly working to add new lenses for self-expression, utility, shopping, and more.

The company’s Lens Web Builder helps marketers create branded AR experiences. Snapchat provides the templates, and you don’t need coding experience.

14: People on Snapchat open the app nearly 40 times a day.

That’s according to the company, although they didn’t provide detailed information about how they arrived at that number.

But with 422 million daily active users, your ads and posts are sure to get plenty of eyeballs on the regular.

15: Snapchatters have sent more than 10 billion messages to My AI.

As of mid-year 2023, more than 150 million Snapchat users had sent 10 billion+ messages using My AI, Snapchat’s AI-powered chatbot. This number is likely much higher today.

Users can design a custom Bitmoji for their AI, give it a name, and start chatting. When they send Snaps to My AI, they get a chat reply. Some of the most popular conversations using My AI are about art and design, music, and event planning.

My AI is just one more way tech and social media companies are helping to usher in the AI revolution.

Snapchat Ad & Business Stats

Learn about Snapchat’s current advertising trends and discover why brands are turning to the platform to connect with their audience.

16: People are 35% more likely to buy items advertised on Snapchat than other platforms.

This is according to Snapchat itself, and the company didn’t provide a detailed analysis, so you’ll have to take the claim with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, Snapchat pegs the combined spending power of Gen Z and Millennials at a whopping 5 trillion dollars, so advertising on the platform could reap major rewards.

17: Snapchat+ has 7 million subscribers.

Snapchat users love features like Stories, Spotlight, and Memories. For a subscription fee of $3.99 USD monthly, Snapchat+ offers users access to the newest features and allows them to customize their app even more.

The number of Snapchat+ users more than doubled in a six-month period, jumping from 3 million subscribers in April 2023 to 7 million as of December 2023.

18: 64% of ads are viewed with sound on.

The company recommends including testimonials of your product or brand in ads to reach viewers who watch ads with the sound turned on. But don’t neglect the one in three Snapchatters who watch ads with sound turned off. Use bold fonts and animated graphics to capture their attention, and put a call-to-action early in the ad.

Need help with your ad creatives? Hire an expert paid media agency to help you reach your audience on Snapchat.

19: Users are 45% more likely to recommend products advertised on Snapchat.

Snapchat claims it’s the number one platform where users love to share purchases and shopping moments. Snapchatters are 45% more likely to recommend an advertised brand to their friend and 34% more likely to purchase the product advertised, according to the company.

20: Snapchat is expected to generate $6.11 billion in ad revenue in 2024.

Snapchat is a powerhouse when it comes to generating ad revenue, and that’s good news for marketers. The global messaging app is already responsible for roughly 2.4% of global ad revenue.

By 2027, Snapchat’s ad revenue is projected to reach $8.34 billion.

21: Snapchat ads have the potential to reach 75% of 13- to 34-year-olds.

According to Snapchat, ads on the platform can potentially reach three-quarters of people ages 13 to 34 and 90% of people ages 13 to 24 around the world.

If you want to reach Gen Z and young Millennials, Snapchat can help you do it. Need help creating ads that get attention? Hire a paid media expert.

Get Expert Help with Socialfly’s Snapchat Marketing

We hope these Snapchat 2024 statistics have given you some insight into the latest on Snapchat and how you can leverage the platform to your advantage.

Social media management takes time, effort, and expertise. Why not let our team of experts help make the most of your Snapchat marketing efforts?

We’re digital natives who know how to get results on the platform. Check out our work and get in touch to learn more about how we can help you reach your Snapchat target audience and boost your ROAS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Snapchat?

Snapchat is more popular with younger audiences. Most of its users are aged between 13 and 34, with a significant portion being teenagers and young adults.

The gender distribution is pretty much split down the middle, with 49.1% of users identifying as female.

Is Snapchat still popular in 2024?

Snapchat is still a major player in the social media landscape. The app continues to be a go-to platform for younger generations who love the platform’s Stories, filters, and ephemeral messaging.

Snapchat is the 5th most popular messaging app and the 10th most popular social media app, with 800 million monthly active users worldwide (a milestone the company reached in February 2024).

Is Snapchat still relevant?

Yes, and the app has maintained steady interest over the past handful of years. Looking ahead, Snapchat is projected to grow significantly from 2024 through 2028, adding 165 million new users.

Is it expensive to advertise on Snapchat?

Snapchat claims to have ads for “any budget.” This presumably means that even small businesses should be able to afford advertising on the platform.

Snapchat uses familiar bidding processes, including auto-bidding (where the Snapchat algorithm bids on your behalf) and max bid (which allows you to set an upper limit on bids).

Regardless of which method you choose, you should closely monitor your stats to ensure you’re getting the best results for your ad spend.

Do ads on Snapchat disappear?

No. Unlike messages between users on Snapchat, which vanish after they have been read, ads do not disappear.

Instead, they can appear in various spots, including Stories, Discover, Spotlight, and more. Users can see your ads more than once, and you can always access analytics for your ads in Ads Manager.

What do users like about Snapchat?

Young girls taking a group picture on snapchat at a party

If you’re perplexed about why teens and young adults can get enough of Snapchat, it’s the fun features! Here are some of the unique features that set Snapchat apart from other social media platforms:

  • Stories: Users can post photos and videos that last for 24 hours, allowing friends to view their daily activities.
  • Lenses and Filters: Fun and interactive overlays that can be applied to photos and videos, many using augmented reality (AR) technology.
  • Snap Map: A feature that lets you share your location with friends and see where they are on a map.
  • Discover: A section where users can find content from publishers, brands, and creators.
  • Chat: Ephemeral messaging where texts, photos, and videos disappear after they are viewed.
  • Memories: A feature that allows users to save their snaps and stories for future viewing.
  • Bitmoji: Personalized cartoon avatars that users can create and use in their snaps and chats.
  • Spotlight: A platform within Snapchat for discovering short, entertaining videos from the community.
  • Snapstreaks: A feature that tracks how many consecutive days two users have snapped each other, encouraging regular interaction.
  • Geofilters: Location-based overlays that users can add to their snaps, often tied to specific events or locations.

How can an agency help with Snapchat marketing?

To effectively reach your audience on Snapchat, you need to understand the platform’s unique features and how Snapchatter’s use them. Agencies have the tools and expertise to help you create engaging and visually appealing content that resonates with Snapchat’s audience of teens and young adults.

An agency will help you create targeted ad campaigns and analyze the results to identify what’s working, making data-driven adjustments to improve results. For the best results, choose an agency with a team of digital natives who know how to connect with young audiences.


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