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20 Apr Using Influencers to Increase Your Social SEO

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11 Nov 4 Simple Rules For Creating the Perfect Hashtag Campaign

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31 Jul Track Your Missed Moments

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Ever wonder what you’re missing while your eyes are glued to your iPhone?  We don’t realize how many hours in a day we spend on our phones.  Between the constant texting, phone calls, and social..

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02 May The Perfect #Selfie

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It’s almost undeniable that we are living in a “selfie” nation. Social media is flooded with selfies every day, where individuals are finding their good side and filtering away on Instagram. It..

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22 Apr Twitter May Play Favorites

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Those days of scrolling down your timeline, hoping to come across a tweet from a follower you might actually know may be coming to an end. Since last December, Twitter has been testing its “Fave Peo..

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08 Apr The Power of Instagram for Fashion Brands

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Within the past few years it has become vital for fashion companies, and all brands in general to have a presence on social media. Instagram has proven to be very effectiv..

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20 Mar Pinteresting Places

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If you’re wondering where the best places to hike are, or what is the hottest summer vacation spot, Pinterest now has your answer; well over 750 million to be exact. Imagine a world where a picture of..

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08 Nov Maximize Your Pinterest Account For The Holidays

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As we settle into colder weather this week, there’s no denying the holiday season has officially started. While it may seem too soon for some to discuss gifts and decorating ideas, if you run a busi..

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09 Oct The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm

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This past month Google updated to a new search algorithm called “Hummingbird.” You might be wondering what a search algorithm is, but it’s pretty simple. It’s a technical term that Google uses..

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