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It’s almost undeniable that we are living in a “selfie” nation. Social media is flooded with selfies every day, where individuals are finding their good side and filtering away on Instagram. It’s not just a picture you take of yourself, there are many more components and even unspoken rules that go into it. The reverse camera on many smart phones is much appreciated by selfie takers, and because of it, some of us have already mastered the selfie. Here are 8 tips on ensuring the perfect selfie.

1. Candid or Camera Shy?

Figure out what your pose will be. Will it be flirty and smiley or will it be serious yet mysterious? There’s also the “Oh I didn’t realize a picture was being taken”, candid picture. Whatever you chose, practice it and master it. Take a couple of test pictures to start off, and if you’re really good you may even be able to pull off one of Tyra Banks’ favorite “Smize” selfies. This is smiling with your eyes of course. Try tilting your head to the camera instead of head on where some features may be more attractive. Find your perfect angle, have fun, and be diverse. One day it may be a sweet smile and the next you may want to zoom into your favorite facial feature.

2. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important secrets to a successful selfie. Natural light is always the best option over artificial, so if you’re inside get close to a bright window. If there is a see through curtain, this may help to soften up the harsh light that leaves some of us to appear as though we are missing some key facial features. Remember to never have the bright light behind you, as it tends to create a dark shadow which is unflattering. The right light will enhance the true color of your favorite top or new lip stick.

3. Self-check

Before you begin, it is important to do a self-check. A full body selfie taker must make sure that the outfit they are showing off is just right. A trendy, tear free outfit is most desirable.  Take a couple of minutes to Windex! A dirty mirror is the key to an epic selfie fail. Ladies, look out for smudged eyeliner and distressed hair. Fella’s, a stain free tank is the safest route. It is important that a selfie highlights your best features so be camera ready.

4. Background

Always make sure that your background is not too distracting. Have a pretty seasonal background or even pose in front of a cool mural.

Many objects around us easily become the focus of the picture. Stay clear of selfies in the bathroom and inappropriate places like a funeral or while you are driving. Clean your room and pick up some of the things lying around. We want to show the world how great we look, not that we haven’t done laundry for at least a month!

5. Good for Two

Have fun with your friends and experiment with angles. Remember that selfies are in fact unisex so everyone is welcome. Have a cute selfie with grandma or a silly best friend. It is also important that before you decide to upload a selfie with another person, that they too look just as great. Beware of photo bombers who like to jump into your selfie and destroy it. We would love to include everyone, but some selfies are invite only.

6. Edit

Instagram has done us the favor of instantly turning us into photographers with the click of a button. Try out vintage filters like Sepia or the more popular Lo-Fi. Filters help to liven up some pictures to your own liking. Remember, choosing a filter is fun but can come with some indecisiveness.  Feel free to ask a friend for their opinion on how you should edit your selfie. This is also your chance to crop out anything unwanted.

7. Caption

This may be a surprise to some, but the caption is very important. It tells us the story behind your selfie. Some of us like to use a favorite line from a song or hashtag selfie. Try to be as fun and creative as possible. If you can’t find the right words for your selfie, then try a simple emoji. Most users do read the captions and may even respond. If it is an informative caption, avoid misspellings and false information.  We should all be able to express ourselves but be sure to have proper selfie etiquette and steer away from offensive captions. Also remember to be an honest selfie taker. If your caption suggests that you’ve gone all natural with no use of a filter then make sure you did just that. Some followers are extremely inspired by those who have the courage to show their true unenhanced selves, so we don’t ever want to deceive our friendly followers.

8. #Selfie

Upload your perfect selfie and get ready to be bombarded with a bunch of likes. At certain times of the day you may notice that your picture gets liked more. If you want to ensure that everyone sees your amazing selfie then get a feel for your followers.  Feel free to post your photo onto other social media sites as well.

Try not to seem too arrogant on social media. Have fun by taking as many selfies as you want, but you don’t have to upload all of them. You are now on the road to becoming a selfie queen or king, and remember, you look great.


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