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Ever wonder what you’re missing while your eyes are glued to your iPhone?  We don’t realize how many hours in a day we spend on our phones.  Between the constant texting, phone calls, and social media we engage in, a majority of our lives are wasted staring at a screen.  When you get home from work and find yourself unwinding on your phone instead of recapping your day with your family or friends, you know you have a serious addiction.  But have no fear, a new app is here to help you manage your technological relationships with the ones in reality.

Kevin Holesh came to the realization that he and his fiancé were spending more time on their phones and less with each other.  So in response to this problem he created, Moments, a new app that tracks how much you use your phone every day.  Its goal is to keep in check the amount of time you spend on your phone.  It requires no effort and after it’s downloaded you won’t even know it’s there.  Simply turn it on and Moments will begin tracking your phone usage in the background.  Check back at any time to see where and when you are spending the most minutes on your phone.

While we can’t ignore the importance of technology and how intricate social media is in our lives, we also can’t mindlessly discount reality.  The little things in life will continue to pass by us if we don’t listen to what this app is screaming in our faces, look up from your phone and take a moment to see the world around you.


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