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If you’re wondering where the best places to hike are, or what is the hottest summer vacation spot, Pinterest now has your answer; well over 750 million to be exact. Imagine a world where a picture of a burger not only waters the mouth, but also provides the exact location by attaching scenic pins to maps. It’s genius!

In November 2013, Pinterest launched its Pinterest place pins where boards are made to specifically highlight nationwide or international cities and countries.  The innovative world of travel is in for a bonus with the help of Foursquare’s location API, Stamen and Mapbox: users can now efficiently find businesses in exact nearby locations with appealing visual guidance.  Even businesses are utilizing this innovative method that helps to unite brands with customers. Creating a board that appeals to a specific geographic location can potentially boost interest among customers and even clients. This then generates followers associated with or interested in those locations by increasing brand consciousness and popularity.

Just create a place board on the desired Pinterest account and then select the map option where it directs users to add a precise location.  Pinners create boards everyday on places they love or would love to travel to someday. Users are becoming inspired by pins and are thrilled about the visually stunning interactive maps that will have you packing your bags and on the next flight!

Whether its showing off your next exotic dream destination, or finding the closest Starbucks, Pinterest places has opened the doors to a fresh and effortless way of discovering the incalculable world around us.




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