The Power of Instagram for Fashion Brands

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Within the past few years it has become vital for fashion companies, and all brands in general to have a presence on social media. Instagram has proven to be very effective for connecting large brands to people every day. By posting pictures of their clothing and more importantly, the behind the scenes work, people are able to see pictures of things they wouldn’t normally be able to see.

Many popular fashion brands now have close to or over a million followers, including Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Forever21, Christian Louboutin, Urban Outfitters, Gucci and Burberry. Although people do want to see what the latest product and designs are for these brands, many people are most interested in seeing photos that they could not see anywhere else. For example Burberry uses Instagram to post pictures of London, cool street musicians, their models getting ready, and lots of pictures of their fashion shows, backstage and during. They recently uploaded a picture of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne with the caption saying “behind the scenes of a new #Burberry fragrance campaign coming later this year”. Louboutin consistently posts pictures of their heels sitting in various places all around the world. Their shoes have been sitting in front of famous statues, on the beach and on the stone road in Corazon. Victoria’s Secret is always posting pictures of their top models like Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio behind the scenes during a photo shoot, or casually playing on the beach. They also post tons of pictures of their models getting ready backstage and pictures of the fashion show. These kinds of pictures make their followers feel like they are getting the inside scoop and seeing personal moments with the companies’ top designers and models. Anyone interested in fashion wants to see pictures that let them learn more and feel connected to their favorite brands and high-end luxury designers. By posting more than just pictures of clothing that can be found on a brands website, people become more interested and inclined to follow these brands.

Photo Credit: @burberry Instagram
Photo Credit: @burberry Instagram


What fashion brands do you follow on Instagram?

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