06 Dec What to Expect for Influencer Marketing in 2019

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Over the past few years, brands have continuously increased their marketing budgets to Read More

30 Nov Instagram is Your New Shopping Destination

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It’s easy to forget how much social media platforms have evolved. Remember when stories didn’t exist on Instagram? We used a different app, Snapchat, to record and ..

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14 Nov The Top 5 Factors to Consider When Casting Influencers

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With the rising popularity of influencer marketing, the number of talented people creating social media profiles and building their followings has grown drastically. Wi..

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29 Jun Don’t be Afraid to Disclose: Updates on FTC Requirements for Influencer Marketing

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Rather than relying on television commercials and glossy print ads in magazines, more and more people are turning to their favorite social media celebrities for inspira..

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04 May Finding the Right Micro-Influencer Match

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Influencer marketing has become the new go-to method to reach target audiences online. What businesses once spent on print ad budgets is now being spent on social media..

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25 Apr Three Creative Ways to Work with Influencers in 2018

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By now a large number of brands have jumped on the influencer marketing bandwagon. With so many digital tastemakers creating sponsored content on social media though, i..

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20 Feb Influencer Spotlight: Kimia Kalbasi

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Kimia Kalbasi (@kimiaskravings) is taking on the New York food scene one Instagram at a time. Her advice to budding bloggers? Make it happ..

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11 Dec Cracking the Code: What Type of Influencer Campaign Does Your Brand Really Need?

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Influencer Marketing is all the rage these days, but for many brands, knowing how to work effectively with influences is still a mystery. Teaming up with social media s..

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