Three Creative Ways to Work with Influencers in 2018

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By now a large number of brands have jumped on the influencer marketing bandwagon. With so many digital tastemakers creating sponsored content on social media though, it is now a challenge to make sure that your products will stand out from the daily stream of influencer posts. This year, it’s time to get creative when planning your collaborations. We’ve outlined three ways that you can make your influencer partnerships really pop on social media.

Create Inspirational Packaging for Gifting


Sending influencers fun gifts is nothing new. We’ve all enviously watched the daily unboxing videos that influencers post of the fun products they receive. Finding a completely unique way to package your items though can help your brand spread like wildfire on social media. Just look at the HUGE makeup box that Fenty Beauty sent to influencers. Viewers went crazy watching these enormous makeup boxes get unpacked, and everyone was suddenly talking about the brand.

Launch a Product with an Influencer


Many brands have found that just working with influencers on a quick one-time post does not provide the same amount of value as forming a long-term partnership. Some brands have found that the most authentic and effective way to work with an influencer is to allow them to create their own product or line. Last year Arielle Charnas, from Something Navy, launched her own line at Nordstrom’s, which sold out almost immediately. In just 24 hours, this powerful influencer was able to promote her own line and generate $1 million in revenue. Consider teaming up with an influencer in your business category and working on a limited-edition product. This influencer can also receive a portion of sales to incentivize them to provide multiple posts on social media.

Sponsor an Influencer Retreat


Need an excuse for a vacation? Lavish and luxurious influencer retreats are growing in popularity, but are still rare enough to really get people talking. Previously, Chanel flew some of the top fashion influencers to Grasse, France. There they visited Chanel’s flower fields and production facilities and shared with their audiences how Chanel creates its different fragrances. Tarte Cosmetics is also known for their exotic influencer retreats to remote destinations such as Bora, Bora. Private jets, gorgeous scenery, and tons of swag results in millions of followers that can’t tear their eyes away from watching the trip unfold on Instagram. If you want to create a longer-term experience, consider renting a venue for a month or two to host influencers. For the past three summers, Revolve Clothing has rented a house in the Hamptons for the month of July. Each week a new set of popular influencers shows up for poolside entertainment and plenty of Instagram-worthy spots for photos. The event is so popular among fans that the hashtag #REVOLVEintheHamptons has been used almost 9,000 times.

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