Finding the Right Micro-Influencer Match

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Influencer marketing has become the new go-to method to reach target audiences online. What businesses once spent on print ad budgets is now being spent on social media marketing. People love connecting with others based on interests and that’s how the “Instagram famous” connect with their Instagram influencer network – by staying true to themselves and sharing products, services, and experiences that they know their followers will love. So why not be a part of the conversation and have online influencers share yours? Done correctly, influencer marketing can be used for content creation, brand awareness, and even ROI.


Someone doesn’t need to have a million followers to be influential in the online space. Micro influencers are currently thriving and helping brands with smaller budgets reach wide and loyal audiences. But which bloggers and vloggers are the right fit? Once your company has a defined goal, budget, and timeline, it’s time to start finding the right micro influencers. Here’s a sneak-peek into how:


Who is following you?


Looking at your brand’s online audience can be key. There’s a chance you will find brand loyal micro-influencers right within your own Instagram influencer network. Maybe these influencers have even posted about your company without you noticing! No matter what, this can help determine who is already interested and may be excited to collaborate since the connection is already there. They’ve shown interest in your brand, so you might as well establish a personal relationship!


Who are the brand’s followers following?


Who are your followers following? Most likely your brands Instagram followers are also following bloggers related to your industry. Using your own online audience to gather data can lead to great success.


Search Hashtags


Hashtags make social media content easily accessible to the masses. By searching specific keywords you can find the perfect fit for your Instagram influencer network. This will help lead you to find who is interested in what. To yield the best results with this search you need to be as specific as possible. For example, if you’re a menswear company, you want to search #mensfashion instead of #fashion. Narrow down your searches as much as possible for better, more accurate results.


Local bloggers


Geography matters. Depending on where your product or service is available, finding bloggers in the correct location (better yet, with an audience in those locations) is one of the most important parts that many marketers miss. Searching on Instagram and online using phrases such as “plus size fashion bloggers in NYC” can be a good place to start. Taking it a step further, there is software available which provide access to more information. At Socialfly we are able to access data such as where an influencers followers are located to what they are most interested in. This helps when choosing which bloggers to contract as many of our clients target U.S.-based audiences.


Current relationships & Building an Instagram Influencer Network

Ever work with influencers in the past? Keeping a running list of some of your favorites will help for future campaigns when you’re on the hunt for professional bloggers that you know you can rely on to bring in high-quality results. Working with them multiple times will also build better relationships and potentially lead to long-term partnerships. It’s a win-win situation. Attending or hosting industry and influencer events to network is another great way to discover new talent and establish new relationships. With so many influencers in the world it’s important to be up-to-date and out in the field meeting new people – from influencers to agents.


What is your go-to method for finding the perfect brand ambassadors? Tweet us @socialfly to share!

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