Cracking the Code: What Type of Influencer Campaign Does Your Brand Really Need?

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Influencer Marketing is all the rage these days, but for many brands, knowing how to work effectively with influences is still a mystery. Teaming up with social media stars is an incredible way to promote a business, but specific goals must be set to get the most out of these collaborations. We’re breaking down three ways you can maximize results by working with influencer marketing networks and meet your specific business needs. 

Content Creation Campaigns

Is it a constant struggle to find the right imagery to post on social media for your brand? Many influencers have built a following based on their beautiful photos and engaging video content they produce. By contracting influencers to create images for your brand, you will reach their audiences AND have access to amazing content that can be repurposed on your own social media channels. Before launching an influencer content creation campaign, make sure the influencers you choose create the type of imagery or video content that you are looking to gain.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Are you constantly wishing that more people were talking about your business? Digital influencers bring the power of word-of-mouth marketing to social media. There are many ways you can activate influencer marketing networks to raise brand awareness. Many companies find success by flooding Instagram with a tremendous number of micro-influencers posting about a new product. Others look to align with macro influencers that can quickly reach hundreds of thousands of followers. Keep in mind an influencer’s audience and make sure you are promoting your brand to the right target demographic.

Sales Focused Campaigns

Everyone can benefit from an increase in sales! Influencers help brands reach fresh audiences and new potential customers. First impressions matter, and it is essential to make it as simple as possible for people to make a purchase. Offering a discount code will help encourage these followers to try out your product or service. Using unique codes will also make it easy to track sales driven by specific influencers. It’s crucial to plan the campaigns on platforms that can easily drive traffic to your website. Instagram Stories with a link to swipe up and Facebook posts with direct links are two ways influencers can drive traffic to increase sales.

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