08 Jan A Pinner’s Paradise: Your Guide to Pinterest’s 2019 Seasonal Insights.

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Are you consumed with seven-tier wedding cakes? Do you dream of beautiful beach cabanas and treehouse escapes? Are the letters “DIY” the most magical letters in the alphabet? Does rea..

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09 Aug How Brands Should Be Using Emojis

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Ahhhh, emojis. Our fun little friends that live inside our devices to help us convey an emotion that, sometimes, gets lost in translation over text messages, tweets, an..

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28 Mar What Instagram's Latest Update Means For Social Media Engagement

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Is Instagram finally listening and ready to make the people happy? On Thursday, March 22 Instagram Read More

22 Mar Vertical Video is Here to Stay

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Snapchat pioneered vertical video as a new mainstream format for millennials and younger audiences—where it remains popular. With other platforms picking up on the trend, Facebook and I..

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08 Nov To Poll or Not To Poll: Now With Photos & GIFs

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Social media is the place to learn your friend’s opinions on things. This statement has rung true since before the days of MySpace (I mean, that was basically the whole point of Xanga),..

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