Vertical Video is Here to Stay

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Snapchat pioneered vertical video as a new mainstream format for millennials and younger audiences—where it remains popular. With other platforms picking up on the trend, Facebook and Instagram both introduced vertical video into their strategies. Now, with Instagram Stories taking over with 300 million daily active users, influencers, brands, and average users are getting creative with how to optimize content for the new video frontier.

According to Instagram, over 50% of businesses have created a story in the last month. This statistic proves the power of this medium for brands to speak to their audience in an authentic and engaging way. Platforms are constantly seeking ways to optimize content for smartphones as users continue to view content on their mobile phones. That being said, vertical video’s full-screen format is an unmatched capability for brands interested in both storytelling and advertising alike.

Instagram’s team recently released insights to thinking creatively about vertical video. Check out some helpful tips below on how to take advantage of Instagram’s creative tools and optimize your vertical video content.

Short Form Video

  • Keep in mind that video ads in stories play for a maximum of 15 seconds. Short form video performs best in this sense.

Thumb-Stopping Content

  • Brands with successful IG Story ads are utilizing a CTA to pause the video by holding down to keep the content fun, engaging and quite literally thumb stopping.

Swipe Up Feature

Think About Your Profile Picture

  • Want users to check out your page? Redirect them with arrows, emojis, any CTA to get them to click on your profile and follow along! Pro Tip: Consumers love promo codes.

Emojis, locations, GIFs, and more!

  • Utilize all of the creative aspects that are organically on Instagram stories—users love when a brand is telling a story in an authentic way! Customize those native ads and add a touch of personality.

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