A Pinner’s Paradise: Your Guide to Pinterest’s 2019 Seasonal Insights.

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Are you consumed with seven-tier wedding cakes? Do you dream of beautiful beach cabanas and treehouse escapes? Are the letters “DIY” the most magical letters in the alphabet? Does reading this paragraph give you goosebumps?

You, my friend, are a Pinterest fiend.

Relax, it’s ok. You’re among friends!

This blog entry will summarize Pinterest’s 2019 Seasonal Insights and discuss how you, as a consumer and business owner, can use the pinning platform to your advantage.

The Nitty Gritty Numbers:

  • Over 250 million people use Pinterest every month
  • 77% of users have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest
  • 98% of users report trying new things they find on Pinterest
  • 82% of users have made a purchase based on the content they saw on Pinterest

This means that despite lacking Instagram’s street cred or Snapchat’s facial recognition skills, Pinterest continues to be a mega-resource of inspiration.

Pinterest has divided the guide into two sections: Seasonal Moments and Life Moments.

Seasonal Moments:

When do we look for inspiration? According to Pinterest, the holidays dictate popular searches.

In January, popular searches included “New Years Eve outfits,” “New Year’s resolution,” and “New Year’s quotes.” Notice the word “new?” Pinterest suggests that brands provide pinners with goals they can achieve in the new year.

In February, the big draw is Valentines Day. If you want to stand out, Pinterest suggests staying away from traditional, mushy couple-centric vibes and focusing on the self-love aspect of the holiday instead.

April showers bring…Easter! Over 256 million pins were saved last year in this category. Pinterest found that while Easter baskets are usually for kids, grown-up Easter baskets are a rising trend. Pretty pastels provide a  perfect space for home goods and consumer packaged brands to promote themselves.

In May and June, we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day. Pinterest suggests that Pinners combine their gift with an experience they can share with their parent. So not just a pasta arm, but a cooking class where you learn to make pasta together.

July 4th means a major opportunity for travel brands: what better way to celebrate the USA than taking a cross country tour? Food and beverage brands also win big. Pinners are looking for BBQ recipes and fun summer drink ideas.

Back to school is the big push come September. Brands should take advantage of time-saving hacks and organization tools. Apps that help save money are also a big hit.

October, albeit spooky, is certainly popular. Over 2 billion pins were saved last year. To gain traction, brands can show Pinners how to elevate their Halloween costumes. Users are also looking for tips to take their home from summer oasis to cozy fall pad.

As expected, November and December are the biggest months for home decor brands, food brands, and travel brands. Pinners are looking to streamline their holiday experience however they can. Brands should help pinners make mealtime as easy as possible, suggesting simple touches to make family days special.

Life Moments:

There are certain events that stand out. Turns out, they guide Pinterest searches as well.

Wedding season:

What’s the date? No not today’s date, but the only date that matters. Over 4 billion pins wedding pins were saved last year. Pinterest recommends that brands guide Pinners with gift recommendations and group gift ideas.

New home and new baby:

Individual touches make a house a home, as well as the people you share it with. Let your brand lead the way with new home starter kits, entertaining guides, and curated products for newborns. Car brands also can assert themselves in this category—a new mother will only settle for the safest vehicle.

Car buying:

Pinterest is a massive resource for car buyers, so car brands should make their catalog as interactive as possible. Pinterest also recommends taking advantage of the feature finder; Pinners can then search “best car for road trips,” and be inundated with ideas.


This category is a forte for financial services brands, as they can engage users with tips and tricks to plan for the future. Also important: “retirement” usually indicates “retirement party.” Food and beverage brands can provide entertainment guides and ideas for family-style dishes.


Avoid at all costs: that feeling of not knowing what to get as a gift, waiting until the last moment, and buying something lame. Brands can quell Pinners’ gift-giving anxiety with curated gift guides for parents, inlaws, BFFs, etc. Further, personalization is the name of the game—popular pins include product customization.

At the start of 2019, Pinterest continues to be an influential social platform. Hopefully, this guide helps you understand Pinterest trends and the seasonal and life moments that guide them!

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