To Poll or Not To Poll: Now With Photos & GIFs

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Social media is the place to learn your friend’s opinions on things. This statement has rung true since before the days of MySpace (I mean, that was basically the whole point of Xanga), and continues to hold true today – now more so than ever thanks to Facebook’s new tool. After testing Polls on Instagram and seeing a ton of social media engagement, Zuckerberg has made Facebook an official polling place as well!

You may have thought you didn’t want to know Aunt Myra’s feelings about the Taco Bell Kit Kat Chocoladilla (which, yes is a real thing), but social media has made it easier than ever to find out. social media, I wouldn’t have even been aware that this beautiful monstrosity exists!

Let’s say, however, that you did want to know how Aunt Myra felt about this Chocoladilla. In fact, maybe you wanted to know how your friends feel about the Chocoladilla because maybe Aunt Myrna is biased when it comes to Taco Bell and is a Del Taco loyalist.

Could you poll your friends about this issue on Twitter? Yes – Twitter has had the feature for a while now. Could you poll your friends on Instagram? Yes, thanks a feature rolled out earlier in the year.

Could you poll people on Facebook? Yes, yes indeed you can. Now, you can make your polls more exciting with fun photos or GIFs. And everyone knows Aunt Myrna can’t resist a good GIF (or Minion meme, based on the sort of content she shares on Facebook).

Setting up a poll is easy, and in no time you’ll be ready to prove to Aunt Myrna that the world is, in fact, ready for the Chocoladilla.


  1. Visit Facebook and get ready to tell the world “What’s on your mind?”

  2. Select the “Poll” feature

  3. Add some fun GIFs or Photos

  4. Ask Away!

Given this new found power, I had to know: would my Facebook friends eat the new Taco Bell Kit Kat Chocoladilla?

Although I can’t tell who said what, I can see Taco Bell has a slight lead, with 67% voting yes. (Okay, one of them was me, but still! Curiosity killed the Kit Kat, as the expression goes).

How will brands use this tool?

This feature is a great way to gather consumer data and boost social media engagement. TechCrunch has already given it a try, though this feature has not been rolled out to most business pages just yet.

At Socialfly, we are always excited to try out the latest in social media trends! We’ve been using Twitter polls to help spur social media engagement and drive audience responses. We also love Instagram Stories, which are a great way to gauge the way your audience feels about various trends!

If you’re interested in getting more insights and analytics from your social media fans, let us know! We’re always looking for good opportunities to build out strategic social media recommendations.

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