07 Feb The Rise of Nano-Influencers

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The social media industry is constantly evolving based on new or fading platforms, personalities, and industry trends. An emerging trend is the rise of the “nano-infl..

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30 Nov Instagram is Your New Shopping Destination

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It’s easy to forget how much social media platforms have evolved. Remember when stories didn’t exist on Instagram? We used a different app, Snapchat, to record and ..

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15 Nov Impressions vs. Awareness: what does it all mean?

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Impressions vs. awareness. They are two of the hottest words within the influencer marketing space that play a heavy role in determining brand partnerships. At face value, the importance of these wor..

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Social media: a source of entertainment, news or hobby-turned-job depending how you use it.

Digital platforms have the greater population scanning their social feeds for the l..

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