The Rise of Nano-Influencers

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The social media industry is constantly evolving based on new or fading platforms, personalities, and industry trends. An emerging trend is the rise of the “nano-influencer.

It’s a concept that has been implemented in television commercials and print ads since the early 2000s. This term refers to influencers with a lower number of followers but a highly-engaged audience.

Now, more than ever, brands are turning to nano influencers to create content and drive sales.

For example, say a beauty brand is working with a top model to promote a product that reduces wrinkles. In the past, they’ve been more likely to work with a household name, without thinking of their audience demographic.

This practice creates a disconnect as the target audience doesn’t relate, leading to a lack of conversion and poor sales.

Put simply, “to know your customer is to be your customer.”

In recent years, marketers have changed their way of thinking.

Brands aren’t willing to pay six digits to partner with the hottest celebrities. Brands want to partner with people who relate to the everyday consumer, which, conveniently costs less and makes a larger impact.

The Rise of Nano-Influencers

The influx of macro influencers has laid the groundwork the wave of nano-influencers. They relate to the average consumer and think like-mindedly. They’re your fashionable friend or wellness junkie you with an Instagram following of 1,000 to 5,000 users. Their engagement is high and their followers loyal because they feel they know them on a more personal level. 

The more established a brand is, the more effective partnering with multiple nano-influencers will be. Nano-influencer’s drive engagement, which, often times results in sales.

That being said, partnering with the right influencer depends on the goals of your brand. For a new brand looking to gain awareness and recognition, an influencer with a larger following will help to spread the word about your company.

For larger, more established brands looking to gain brand loyalty and community, micro and nano-influencers can create authentic content about their experience with your product. 

Before agreeing on a collaboration be sure your goals are clearly defined, you understand your audience and have done your research.

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