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Social media: a source of entertainment, news or hobby-turned-job depending how you use it.

Digital platforms have the greater population scanning their social feeds for the latest trends in style, beauty, technology or just for a good laugh from their go-to meme account. But those who participate in the monetary benefits of social media, are the brand marketing partnerships or collaborations—content creators, comprised primarily of women. This is an industry where women are able to make up to four times their male counterparts.

Women are more apt to share their story.

It’s been found that men and women use language differently when speaking about various topics. Women tend to share personal events whereas men discuss more general public events. Building a connection with your audience is key, and your audience wants to know you, your problems, successes and what you’re up to on a daily basis. The more connected the audience feels towards an influencer, the higher engagement. When brands are looking to partner or collaborate with an influencer, engagement rates are a top priority to determine ROI. 

The proof is in the pudding review.

A study conducted by Influence Central found that up to 86 percent of female consumers are more likely to purchase a product from a brand they’ve never used before if they’re able to interact with them on social media. It’s about the creators using products and providing their honest opinion, which typically results in audience feedback and questions. When it comes down to male verse female, realistically speaking, women in their day-to-day use more products than men. Hence, giving women a larger opportunity to capitalize on product reviews.

Female owned brands are thriving. 

Now is the time for women to build their personal and/or professional brand. Whether you yourself are a brand or have developed a tactile product—female-owned businesses have gained momentum and with that, respect. Within the social media marketing industry, female influencers certainly lead the pack.

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