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Have you ever wondered how your favorite influencer has a seamless feed on Instagram? Or how they are always able to create the optimal shot?

Many influencers turn to the Adobe Suite and create preset filters in Lightroom. The right look on your feed goes a long way on social media and encourages brands to reach out for projects if they think your self-expression pairs well with their mission.

A lot of my favorite influencers started creating filter ‘bundles’ and sell the photo effects to their followers. This spreads the love for a certain aesthetic, allowing new bloggers to create cohesive feeds, and turn a profit. I will say, I admire the transparency of this business endeavor. Many influencers include the link to purchase their preset filter on their social media pages and fully disclaim they profit from the sale. This creates competition among other top-ranking photo apps such as VSCO and Snapseed. 

The New Frontier of Influencer Social Media Content

Influencers have evolved in the eyes of agencies and brands as creators that bring production and editing expertise to their content. Now, brands encourage creators to share their craft through #sponsored posts. 

Events hosted by businesses such as Create & Cultivate, The Wing, and REVOLVE, give creators a platform to talk about their inspiration and share their passions with a wide audience.

If you are interested in researching or purchasing these filters for yourself, Filter Grade and Creative Market are great places to start! Creating great content is at the tips of your fingers with your camera or iPhone. You can even ask your favorite influencer to share their filters with fans too!

Has anyone tested out an influencer’s preset? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @socialfly

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