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I take pride in my Instagram Stories. I feel no shame admitting I have LOL’d at my own social media content before. There are no better social media highs than finding the perfect filter, sticker, and caption for your story and sharing it with all of your followers. As I post more frequently on my Story, I wish they lived on my page longer than 24 hours so more of my 737 followers could enjoy them as much as I *hope* they do. Another result of posting more often is that my camera roll is full of my old Stories and I don’t have unlimited storage!

While these minor grievances with the tool don’t take away from my adoration of the feature, I was ecstatic when I heard about Instagram’s new update.  

To round out their year of playing copycat, Instagram adopted yet another similar feature from the OG platform for quick disappearing pictures.  

Last week, Instagram rolled out the ability to archive and highlight your Instagram Stories. Think Snapchat’s Memories feature! Users can now relive the glory of their best Stories, (I spend way more time than I would like to admit creating content for my Instagram Story) and organize them into collections that sit below your bio.

So far, we have seen brands and influencers create highlights for specific events to compile all their pics in one place and we have tested the feature with speaking and media opportunities we had this last week.

See below for our reasons to love this new feature! 

So Long Instagram Story Stress

This update is great news for social media agencies, influencers, and brands as it allows content to live beyond 24 hours! Instagram Stories have become the go-to way to share quick social media content. But for social media strategies, there is the trade-off of creating detailed content that will only last for 24 hours. This new update alleviates stress and may encourage influencers, social media strategists and users to put more thought into stories. 

Peace Out Instagram FOMO

As I have learned more about influencer marketing, I have learned that influencers often travel in “pods.” Thanks to Instagram’s new feature, influencers can save their stories from star-studded events to a collection for followers and fans to revisit. The collections make it simple to see the event from the influencer’s eyes.  Now,  you won’t miss a moment of their experience from getting ready to the after party.

Overall, this new feature is meant to enhance the profile and show more about a user’s interests, experiences, and lifestyle. We love that influencers and brands were quick to adopt the tool and highlight specific events and collaborations.

Have you tested out the new feature with your social media content? Share some of your ideas for collections—message us on Instagram @socialfly!

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