The Instagram Stories Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Instagram Stories has quickly become the go-to tool to for people, influencers, and brands to share quick and creative content. Since launching Stories in 2016, the platform has seen incredible growth and developed multiple tools and functions for users to utilize in their Stories. From face filters to holiday-themed stickers, there’s no shortage of ways to express yourself using the tool.

We have had over a year to familiarize ourselves with this tool, and despite consistent updates and the rollout of new features, we recently discovered a new way to enhance your text on Stories! We know eye-catching and colorful content does well on social media, was anything safe from the unicorn trend in 2017? No. Instagram Stories took the hint, and with a few simple steps, you can add a rainbow ombré effect to your text on Stories!

Simply follow the steps below and take your text to the next level!

1. Write your desired text


2. Select all text you would like to make rainbow


3. Put one finger on the color you want to start with and another finger on one end of the text.


4. Slide both fingers at the same time (it takes some practice).


5. Amaze your followers with your rainbow-ombré Story!


Watch here for the full tutorial:

Do you have any secret Stories tips? Share your favorite filters, tools, and features with us! Message us on Instagram with your creative ideas, @socialfly.

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