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As a social media manager, it can be tough to determine what to post next if you don’t have an entire creative team like Socialfly. (Shout out Socialfly Studios!) When trying to reach a number of goals such as increasing web traffic, generating leads, engaging your fans, and getting new ones, all while managing online customer service—things can get hectic.

Brands can no longer post promotional content every day. Fans follow you to learn the story and personality of your brand. Below are some ideas of what you can post to engage your following.


Trending topics on social media create your content buckets for you. Try these out and see which one works best for your brand. Once you find the one that resonates with your audience, you can use it to create consistency and give them something to look forward to weekly.


  • #MondayMotivation

  • Monday is the start of the working week, and your fans might need a little push to get going.



  • #TipTuesday

  • Tuesday isn’t exactly the most exciting day of the week. (I mean, apart from #TacoTuesday.) Spice it up with a tip that will help your audience.



  • #WednesdayWisdom

  • Ahhh, hump day. Spread some wisdom and get your fans through their mid-week hump.



  • #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT

  • Thursday is Friday Jr., and people start getting excited about their weekend. Thursday’s are a great day to show off your brand’s personality.



  • #FollowFriday or #TGIF

  • Friday is here! Tap into the happy vibes on social media and be sure to keep your posts energetic.


  • The weekend is a time for light content, so no big company news (unless it’s a sale!) If your business is in the entertainment or service industry—this is your time to shine. The weekend is a great time to capture patrons enjoying themselves and create new content for the upcoming weeks.


Social media holidays are confusing because where do they come from? Who decides these things? But they make for easy pieces of content to promote because you guessed it, they are always #trending.


Twitter pioneered the polling the feature, and recently, Instagram introduced the feature to Stories. It has taken off, and since the launch, we’ve seen brands use them to accomplish several types of marketing goals. Not only are polls great for engaging with your audience, but they allow you to collect valuable information. Want to know which of your trail mixes people enjoy the most? Do a poll! Want to see feedback on a print you’re thinking of releasing? Do a poll! The questions are endless.



Brands don’t give themselves a shout out as much as they should! Promote how much people love your product or service! It’s as easy as taking a review or testimonial, making a quick quote graphic, and saying thanks! It’s a great way to spread the word about why people are choosing you on social media.

How do you create content to entice fans? Share your ideas with us by tagging @socialfly on Instagram. Need help creating compelling content? Contact Socialfly Studios today for all of your creative needs.

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