19 Mar Instagram’s Got A Followers Filter In The Works

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Instagram is getting even more crafty with their latest feature update to the organization of your followers. A new filter is currently in test for “Following” and ..

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07 Mar How to Increase Your IG Stories Engagement

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25 Feb Snapchat Debuts Virtual Art Gallery to Celebrate Black History Month

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It’s no question: social media has affected the art world. “Discovering” an artist from the palm of your hand isn’t quite a discovery. It’s more a lucky byproduct of lounging on..

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21 Feb Facebook Rolls Out Unsend Feature in Messenger

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Have you ever sent a tea-filled screenshot to the wrong person? Or had your iPhone autocorrect come close to ruining your relati..

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13 Feb CTA Stickers on Facebook Stories? What’s Next?

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Ah, the story of the “story.” It’s almost hard to remember where it begins. We, as users of social media today, probably forget to credit Snapchat for the origin of what we call our..

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07 Feb The Rise of Nano-Influencers

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The social media industry is constantly evolving based on new or fading platforms, personalities, and industry trends. An emerging trend is the rise of the “nano-infl..

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06 Feb Netflix Adopts a Share to Instagram Stories Feature

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It’s 15 degrees outside. You’ve made it off of the icy streets and into the cozy confines of the A train. Exhausted from work, you flip through your phone and dive ..

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30 Jan A Crucial Part of Building your Social Media Following

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As a brand or influencer, how do you grow and sustain your social media following?

The answer to this question can be a..

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25 Jan New Feature: Instagram for Multiple Accounts

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Big news: Instagram rolled out a new feature that lets users publish a post to multiple accounts with the click of a button.

How does it work?


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23 Jan Youtube Hops on the Swipe Wagon, And It’s About Time

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Youtube just added a new feature that allows the user to swipe left directly into the next video on the suggested playlist and I’ve got one thing to say: I’ll see y..

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