15 Apr A Cheatsheet To The New Social Media Platforms

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If you’re reading this, I’m going to guess that you’re familiar with the age of Instagram celebrities. The likes of @hudabeauty, @chiaraferragni, and @kayla_itsin..

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23 Jan Youtube Hops on the Swipe Wagon, And It’s About Time

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Youtube just added a new feature that allows the user to swipe left directly into the next video on the suggested playlist and I’ve got one thing to say: I’ll see y..

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08 Jan A Pinner’s Paradise: Your Guide to Pinterest’s 2019 Seasonal Insights.

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Are you consumed with seven-tier wedding cakes? Do you dream of beautiful beach cabanas and treehouse escapes? Are the letters “DIY” the most magical letters in the alphabet? Does rea..

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11 Dec Instagram Rolls Out New Close Friends Feature for Stories

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Instagram just released their newest feature called “close friends.” It is a customized list of people you’ve decided t..

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15 Nov The Best Influencers to Follow for Holiday Inspiration

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The days are getting shorter and colder, which means only one thing: it’s time to start celebrating the holidays! The stress of planning holiday parties and locking d..

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14 Nov The Top 5 Factors to Consider When Casting Influencers

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With the rising popularity of influencer marketing, the number of talented people creating social media profiles and building their followings has grown drastically. Wi..

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19 Sep Instagram Explore Adds Shopping Feature 

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The past few weeks have been full of news regarding Instagram and how they will continue to build out shopping on the app. You can see our previous story on the rumors of the company building a s..

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30 Aug Voice Work: Creating Your Brand's Personality for Social Media

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So, you’ve just signed a big new client.

And you might be sitting there asking yourself, what’s next?

Well, from a creative standpoint, a voice workshop migh..

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09 Aug How Brands Should Be Using Emojis

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Ahhhh, emojis. Our fun little friends that live inside our devices to help us convey an emotion that, sometimes, gets lost in translation over text messages, tweets, an..

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07 Aug RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 102 with Jon Reyes

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We break down the details around the new feature “Talent Show,” and the latest updates to social media content on Snapchat and Instagram.


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