The Benefits of Instagram Sponsored Ads

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With 400 million users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. Given the vast audience of the image-based platform, marketers are given the opportunity to reach their audience with stunning photos and visuals.

Pictures communicate much more to audiences than verbiage. Images communicate thoughts, sentiments, ideas, and emotions. Targeted Instagram ads are a great way to win over an Instagram audience, show them who you are as a brand, and give your target demographic a reason to follow you.

Instagram advertising and targeting is done through Facebook, and gives advertisers the benefit of all the targeting tools Facebook offers. This includes the ability to identify audiences by preferences, behaviors, tastes, and interests. Once the target audience is defined, brands can then create messaging or copy geared toward this audience.

This hyper-targeting is beneficial for Instagram users as well. When Instagram ads first rolled out, advertisements went to the masses and were not catered for the individual user. The app’s new targeting capabilities allow users to feel as though their Instagram experience and ads are being outfitted for them. This allows marketers to focus on users that actually want to see what their brand is posting.

Instagram advertising offers the advantage of detailed analytics. Marketers can see exactly how their content is performing with their target audience, which allows them to alter or adjust their strategy as needed.

While the use of Instagram ads is still relatively new, companies have already seen conversions come straight from these sponsored posts. This is a great way to measure ROI and earn a greater profit.

The benefit of targeted Instagram ads is too great for brands and business to ignore. More importantly, targeted ads benefit Instagram users, as they are exposed to ads that are relevant to their lives and user experience.

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