02 Jan Color Theory in the Digital World 

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What catches your eye as you scroll through your feed? Chances are, it’s the colorful, beautiful images that align with that company’s branding. Color theory plays a vi..

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13 Mar Snapchat Shows: TV at The Touch of A Screen

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While we rush through our workweeks talking on our cell phones only to document our weekend getaways on Snapchat and Instagram we rarely think about how these platforms have evolved – or where they..

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09 Mar You’re getting a Twitter Timeout!

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Twitter has a new (and possibly controversial) tactic of responding to “potentially abusive behavior” to limit harassment on the platform.The social network is now ..

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07 Mar 10 Things You Need to Know About the Millennial Mindset

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Account Director, Becky Brewer attended the Millennial 20/20 Summit in NYC last week. Below are her key takeaways from the event focused on marketing to millennials.

The Millennial Mindset..

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07 Mar Your Small Biz Solution to Snapchat Geofilters Has Arrived

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While big brands have no problem advertising on Snapchat (think Gatorade showers during the Superbowl and Taco Bell’s taco shell face on Cinco de Mayo), the application has been missing the mark on ..

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03 Mar Facebook Takes a Dip in The LinkedIn Pond

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Just when you thought you had your social networks all figured out, Facebook goes and throws a curveball—a LinkedIn size one.

Say hello to Jobs on Facebook..

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02 Mar Living the Live Life

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LIVE from social media… it’s VIDEO MARKETING! Live video marketing, that is.

You’ve probably seen a few live videos here..

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27 Feb Live Tweeting Has Never Been Better: The Story of the 89th Academy Awards

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Dust the popcorn off your couch, fire up your Twitter engines, and get ready to throw some likes at the best live tweets from last night’s 89th Academy Awards ceremon..

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24 Feb Dreams Do Come True: You Can Now Facebook Message the Pope

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Header Image via Shutterstock
I’ve never been big into Facebook’s messenger service, partially because most of the conversations you have on Messenger are simple conversations you can ha..

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23 Feb No More “Which Image Should I Instagram?” Albums Have Arrived.

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Image via Mashable

For all of the Instagram lovers who have trouble choosing that one perfect picture from your night out with friends; now you don’t have to!..

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