Best Fonts to Use for Branding

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One font meets the other in Rome. He asks: “Hey, are you a Roman too?” “No,” says the other, “but I am an Italic!”

When branding your business, one of the most important things to think about is how you appear visually to your audience. Imagery is crucial. Social media users regularly visit their favorite platforms to look at beautiful photos, be inspired by images, and feel engaged by pictures.

Given this, we’ve compiled a list of the best fonts to use for branding. Each option is clean, easy to read, and looks professional:

1. Helvetica
2. Frutiger
3. Myriad Pro
4. Avenir
5. Trajan
6. Futura
7. Univers
8. Eurostile
9. Gill Sans
10. Gotham

When looking at a post or your brand’s content, think about what you would be excited to see.
Socialfly uses the fonts Avenir and Abel, seen below:

Font blog 1
Font blog 2

Don’t you feel engaged already? We certainly do! When reading a font that is unappealing to the eye or illegible, followers may start to gravitate toward to your competitors who provide them with readable, more attractive fonts.

Font blog 3

ICK! Do you know what these words are? Their intricate design makes the content harder to read.
Some brands use script fonts with elaborate flourishes and decorations to appear more sophisticated, not realizing the negative impact this could have on their branding.
Instead of using overly ornamental fonts, let your images do the talking, and keep your brand’s fonts as simple and clean as possible.

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