26 Jul New Additions to Video Platforms!

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Instagram and Vine continue the battle for users in the videography world as they roll out new additions and upgrades. For Instagram video this means having the ability to embed videos when using your..

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08 Jul Instagram's newest feature!

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Just a few short weeks after Instagram launched their video platform, and they are continuing to better the social media world with another new feature!

Not only did Instagram set out to fix minor ..

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21 Jun InstaVids- Love them or Hate them?

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We all figured that sooner or later Facebook would respond to Twitter’s Vine application, but would we be happy about the app when it arrived? Videographers and social networkers alike are having mixe..

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17 Jun Need help with Vine? 5 easy tips to make you a master!

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Once you have a basic understanding of Vine, these five tricks and tips will enhance your vine-ability and help you make the most of your six seconds!

One. Utilize the basic features! Stop holding ..

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