Need help with Vine? 5 easy tips to make you a master!

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Once you have a basic understanding of Vine, these five tricks and tips will enhance your vine-ability and help you make the most of your six seconds!

One. Utilize the basic features! Stop holding down on the screen to pause the video and move objects around, swipe the grey area to auto record one scene, or make an even shorter video as Vine allows you to post after only 3 seconds.

Two. Having focus issues? Prevent a blurry shot or shaky picture by using a tripod or placing your phone on a ledge or hard surface.

Three. Create extra drama by covering the lens and later revealing the picture. For example, use a black or white sheet of paper to cover the lens and then reveal the hidden picture. For an even more creative approach, point the lens at the sun before moving the lens to reveal your shot!

Four. Bring life to your photo slideshows! When the video is paused swap out pictures to make a slideshow come to life. Just be sure to keep your hand in the same place – for extra help have someone with a steady hand hold the camera or use a tripod.

Five. Love your vines? Upload them to the Internet, and embed them in virtually any website. Use the following instructions to embed your vines!

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