A Crucial Part of Building your Social Media Following

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As a brand or influencer, how do you grow and sustain your social media following?

The answer to this question can be a combination of different tactics, making this an overwhelming subject. In order to come to a conclusion for this topic, it’s important to understand what makes people follow accounts in the first place. More specifically, what will make them want to follow your account? You should also figure out the core component needed within your content to keep the likes, comments, shares, and follows rolling in.

A simple mindset shift.

Start by adjusting your focus from growing follower numbers to building an engaged community of people around your brand that understands and loves your product or service. The key to growing this established fanbase is to understand how to leverage your content to draw in potential audience members and keep existing ones. Bottom line, your content should be creating value for your audience. Value, in terms of marketing, is the “extent to which a good or service is perceived by its customer to meet his or her needs or wants.” Value for the audience can be presented in a number of ways including entertainment, education or even inspiration.

Clarifying the messaging behind your brand.

One of the first steps in determining how to create value for your audience is to know who your audience is. Ask yourself, “what does my ideal audience member or target market look like?” By surveying your current audience, reviewing analytics, or even analyzing your direct competitors’ fans, you can find the answer. Take time to understand your target’s demographics, needs, wants, purchase habits, and personalities. Doing this research will allow you to craft your social media plan, including the type of content to post and value you choose to add.

The bottom line is to focus on posts that align with your audience and offer them something. After all, why would people stick around if they’re not getting anything out of it? It’s all about telling, engaging and helping instead of trying to sell within every post. Keeping this idea at the forefront of your strategy will contribute to the growth of your engagement and following, which leads to a loyal fanbase and a wealth of returning customers.

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