14 Dec Socialfly How-To: DIY Emoji Ornaments

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This year before our Socialfly team parts ways for the holidays, we decided to spread a little cheer and make emoji ornaments for our office tree! With a few simple craft supplies from Michael’s and..

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01 Dec Top 10 New Emojis from the Latest iOS Update

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Anytime that Apple announces a new update, all anyone can talk about is whether or not new emojis will be added. With the latest iOS 9.1 update, iPhone users were gifted with 184 new emojis to use whe..

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11 Nov 4 Simple Rules For Creating the Perfect Hashtag Campaign

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22 Oct Snapchat Emojis: What Do You Mean?

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If you’re an avid user of Snapchat, then you’ve probably noticed that all of your “Best Friends” and “Recents” have different emojis next to their names. This might have you sayi..

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07 Oct How to delete an instagram page on the phone

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Deleting an Instagram page on the phone isn’t something that you can do from the iPhone app. Learn how to delete it by watching this ehow video:

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01 Oct How Can You Message Everyone who RSVP

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Did you know that as of November 26, 2012 LinkedIn shut down their events capabilities? Find out how alternative ways to message people who RSVP’ed to an event by watching this video:

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17 Sep How to sell Canvas Tote Bags to Raise Money for Charities

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Selling canvas tote bags to raise money for charities requires you to first obtain permission from that charity. Find out other ways to sell tote bags for charity by watching Courtney Spritzer’s instr..

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31 Aug How do I set up Multiple E-mail accounts in Gmail?

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Are you frustrated with all of the email accounts that you have to keep track of? Well you can link all of your accounts to just one place using gmail. Watch Courtney Spritzer explain how to do this h..

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27 Aug How to Advertise Jewelry Parties - Ehow

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Are you interested in having more jewelry parties and don’t know how to expand you reach? Watch Courtney Spritzer explain the benefits of using Facebook and blogging to help spread the word and create..

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