Top 10 New Emojis from the Latest iOS Update

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Anytime that Apple announces a new update, all anyone can talk about is whether or not new emojis will be added. With the latest iOS 9.1 update, iPhone users were gifted with 184 new emojis to use when words are simply not enough. Below we’ve listed the top ten best new emojis that were released with the update.


1.     The Taco
Probably one of the most in demand emojis (Taco Bell had petitions), the taco has finally arrived. Now Mexican food enthusiasts can share their love for tacos with one simple character.

2.     Face with Thermometer 
Next time you’re sick or feel a cold coming on, you can share an accurate representation. Gone are the days of using the face mask emoji to express your illness. Say hello to your new ‘sick day’ pal.

3.     The Unicorn
This one is probably the one you didn’t even know you wanted until you saw it. A representation of all things magical, the unicorn emoji can be applied to almost any texting situation.
Shopping Bags4.     Shopping Bags
How did this one not exist before now? Now any time you need to tell the world about your shopping spree, you can with these fun bags!
Burrito5.     Burrito
This one goes out to all you Chipotle fanatics. (Also see Taco emoji.)
6.     Bottle with Popping Cork
This one’s perfect for New Year’s Eve or any fancy celebration. It’s also a perfect edition to those weekend going out texts, tweets, and Instagrams.
Gym Guy7.     Weight Lifter
Now all of the #Crossfit obsessers out there have their own emoji to appropriately represent their lifestyle. #GetSwole
White Flag8.     Waving White Flag
This one is perfect to use in any text argument where you don’t want to admit you’re wrong. Just insert this emoji instead. It’s especially helpful when text-arguing with family.


9.     Turkey
It seems Apple added this one just in time for everyone’s Thanksgiving family selfies.
Upside Down10.     Upside Down Face
This one’s a little odd, but has been found to be appropriate in any situation. Whether you’re happy, silly, frustrated, or any emotion in between, this one works. Beware of overuse.

What’s your favorite new emoji? Comment below and let us know!




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