Snapchat Emojis: What Do You Mean?

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If you’re an avid user of Snapchat, then you’ve probably noticed that all of your “Best Friends” and “Recents” have different emojis next to their names. This might have you saying:biebs
We’re here to help (and let you know why Snapchat paired your mom with a baby emoji) with the Snapchat Dictionary below!

11. Gold Star – Keep this snapper close, because someone they’ve been trading pics with has replayed their Snapchat within the past 24 hours. If this is your significant other, beware that someone else has really taken interest in what they’re sharing.22. Yellow Heart — Did we just become best friends?! This person is your #1 best friend, and you are their #1 best friend—which means you send the most snaps to each other. Congratulations, a good friend is hard to find.33. Red Heart — Watch out, a lifelong bond has been formed. You and this person have been mutual #1 best friends for two weeks straight. If Monica and Rachel from Friends had Snapchat, they wouldn’t hold a candle to you.

44. Pink Hearts — Two hearts are better than one, and that’s why you get TWO pink hearts when you unlock the achievement of being mutual #1 best friends with someone for two months straight. You probably Snapchat this person from the shower.
55. Baby — Congratulations! You’ve made a new friend on Snapchat and they’re here to remind you with this infant emoji.

6. Face With Sunglasses — Someone in your top best friends is also best friends with this person. You have a mutual friend that you both snap often. Maybe you should all get together and have coffee sometime.77. Grimacing Face — You and this person share the same #1 best friend. This is the equivalent of having the same #1 person in your top 8 on Myspace in 2007. This means you send the most snaps to the same person AND you might need to challenge this person to a Snapchat duel.88. Smirking Face — Spread the love a little because this person is not one of your best friends, even though you are one of theirs. In other words, they Snapchat you all day long, but you don’t send them many. Come on, they just want to know what you’re up to!99. Smiling Face — Smile, you’ve got another best friend. This person may not be your #1 ride-or-die, but you snap each other an impressive amount and they could snatch that spot at any moment.1010. Fire — Oh it’s lit. You and this person have snapped each other back and forth for a consecutive amount of days and Snapchat is keeping track. Keep fanning that flame because as soon as you let up, you’ll lose the fire.1111. 100 — Wow, you really know how to keep it 100. You and this person have been snapping each other back and forth for 100 consecutive days. You have zero commitment issues, and Snapchat has rewarded you with this emoji next to your fire.

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