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ICYMI on Instagram, the #SocialflySquad kicked off the weekend by playing the IRL version of “Clue” at Mystery Room NYC! A few weeks ago, head detective Courtney Spritzer sent the team an invitation to attend a team-building activity guaranteed to challenge our brains at Mystery Room NYCA few team members were familiar with the concept and quickly convinced the majority of the team to participate in the experience. On Friday, November, 3rd we hopped on the F train downtown to lock ourselves in a room together for an hour.

The team, especially Lydia, was incredibly friendly and helpful (we had a lot of questions). Lydia explained that we were in the “forgotten library” and we had one hour to find the key and the details of what happened in the room.

We entered the room and it genuinely looked like an abandoned library with books and boxes strategically placed around the room. There were other items such as jars of spices, a dial phone (#TBT), and a tv screen to give us clues. Lydia explained that we were in Dr. Edward Daniels’ library and he had kidnapped a young girl named Riskarlyn. Our mission? Find the key and where he had taken her. Before we knew it, we were locked in with an hour on the clock.

Our team of fifteen immediately sprung into action! Our first plan was to survey the room and see if we could find any clues of our own. Within minutes, our first clue popped on the screen. From there, we got to work matching shapes with colors, book titles to suits of cards and piecing the story together one clue at a time.

After 57 minutes of applying our analytical minds, we found the key with three minutes left! Without giving too much away, this mission was challenging, full of surprises and required a total team effort!

The Verdict?

In addition to the clues keeping us on our toes, it was interesting to see how everyone reacted to the situation. While some took charge of the situation, others helped read clues and give feedback as they observed the situation. Everyone took on a different role they were comfortable with and each team member had a purpose. The entire experience was about bonding and finding the solution to achieve one common goal. Mystery Room NYC was such a positive and fun team outing and we would HIGHLY recommend it to any company. The staff, especially Lydia, was helpful, motivating and made the experience a fun and lasting memory! 

Follow @mysteryroomnyc for more of their adventures and sign up for your next team outing HERE.

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