How to use Hashtags – The Delicate, but Powerful Symbol

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You know when you love something so much that you just can’t get enough of it? That’s great for puppies and glitter and cupcakes, but when it comes to social media practices, too much can actually lead to very little. Posting too many times a day, or using irrelevant/too many hashtags can cause people to unfollow or misunderstand your brand.

However, when hashtags are used correctly, they do a wonderful job of compartmentalizing the vast cyber chat that social media facilitates, and allow you to have that side conversation at a large cocktail party. They allow you to host contests, weigh in on existing conversation, and even create global trends. Their incredible power makes them easy to overuse, but it’s better to limit yourself. Think of hashtags as a rare piece of chocolate: don’t overindulge because there are painful consequences.

Another way to misuse hashtags is to use hashtags that are irrelevant to your brand. It can be tempting to borrow a trending hashtag, or casually slip in “#Beyonce” – because who doesn’t want to hop on that never-ending trend?! – but resist! Your brand will be much better off with a more limited list of relevant hashtags.

A recent report from Statista shows that when hashtags are used incorrectly, or too frequently, they decrease instead of increase the amount of interaction a post will get.


When you post on a social media platform, be mindful of the copy and quantity of hashtags you choose to use and remember that a little can go a long way.

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