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It’s about that time to ring in the New Year with friends and family. It’s also a great time to start plotting social media for next year! Here are our top ten social media resolutions for 2015.

1.     Go on a cleanse. It’s about time to cut ties with “friends” you haven’t spoken to in ten years.  Maybe you’ve muted them on Twitter, or Facebook has hidden them from your newsfeed – whatever the case, if you’re not interested in what they’re saying, then it’s time for them to go.

2.     Share sparingly. Too often do I see friends and family posting articles that contradict their own views. Be careful of what you post and ensure that it’s the message you want to spread.

3.     Limit your hours. The more you are engaging online, the less you are engaging in person. Be sure to put down your phone in social situations, and spend more time being active offline.

4.     Innovate. Try switching it up creatively on some of your social accounts. Post images of different subjects on your Instagram, or change the tone of your content. I mean, how many pictures can you possibly take of your cat, anyway?

5.     Reread, reread, reread. It takes 30 seconds to proofread your post before sending it off into the public arena. Make sure it’s void of grammar and spelling errors. (Yes, there is an edit button, but still.)

6.     Stop ranting. No one likes a complainer. Your eight hundred and sixty-five friends on Facebook do not care about your deep-rooted emotional issues, frequent frenemy brawls, and/or how much you dislike your “sort-of” boyfriend of 3 months.

7.     Learn. Follow people you don’t know. Resolve to learn in the New Year by following accounts that post positive and informative articles, and/or regularly post about subjects that matter to you.

8.     Quality over Quantity. It’s not about posting every day. It’s about posting quality content and imagery that will interest your followers.

9.      Not in the Bedroom. Have you ever been smacked in the head by your phone while texting, facetiming, or browsing snapchat in bed? I have. And it’s not worth it.

10.     Post with Caution. Don’t post in the bathroom – your phone might fall in the toilet. Don’t post while walking across the street – you might get hit by a pedestrian, biker, or cab. Keep your phone (and yourself) safe, because let’s face it, you won’t know if your photo gets 1,000 likes if it gets broken or you get hurt in the process.

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