The 5 Travel Apps You Need This Season

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For When Someone Asks “Do you wanna build a snowman” and All You Can Think is “I can’t even” – 5 Great Travel Apps

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Sometimes you just “can’t even.” With colder temperatures that threaten to perform deeply exfoliating facials on your supremely numb face every time you go outside, and a lack of holidays in the immediate foreseeable future to motivate you, these “can’t even” moments may be weaseling their way under your wool socks and into your daily life. If this is happening to you, do not fear! We have the tools to get you to that flickering glow at the end of the tunnel – and hopefully to a beach as well. Here are 5 apps that you need to download immediately for the least expensive, but most efficient traveling

1.    Hipmunk

Let’s start with the flight. Assuming you are somewhere cold, you’ll need to travel by plane to extricate yourself from the perpetual arctic climate you’re currently stuck in. Hipmunk compares flights across a plethora of airlines and then gives you the choice of sorting them by price, duration, takeoff, landing, and agony. The agony filter takes price, duration, layovers, and takeoff into account all at once so that you don’t have to enter into a full fledged mental debate and remember all of the details at once: #AntiVacation.

2.    Tripit

For those moments when you swear your iPhone has eaten the one email in your inbox that you actually need. Technology has made great progress with travel documentation, but Tripit keeps you from having to consult multiple apps on your vacation. Simply forward your confirmation emails to and the app will generate a simple, all-inclusive itinerary for your trip. Then you can share the beautifully designed plan on social media – because if it’s not on Facebook, it obviously didn’t happen.

3.    GateGuru

Flying means showing up at the airport at least an hour early, and usually at an inopportune moment in terms of normal meal times. Your options are A. bring food with you (it may get taken away at security), B. plan to eat something at the gate (who knows what culinary concoctions await there), or C. wait until you’re on the plane (hopefully you happen to be traveling at the proclaimed food serving time and the “food” being served is slightly edible). As you debate this, you begin to realize option D.: starving – and then begin to panic. Think again. Download GateGuru to discover what foods, drinks, and shops are near your gate AHEAD OF TIME! The app also signals any gate changes and lets you know which security line is moving most quickly! Win, win, and win.

4.    Packing Pro

I love packing – said no one ever. Let Packing pro do the work for you! Packing can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’re traveling between climates. This app customizes packing lists for you based on the temperature, the number of adults, the number of children, and the length of your trip. Your days of vacationing commando style and showing up at a beach without sunglasses are over!

5.    Word Lens

Quoi? Je ne comprendes pas! – Not a thing anymore. Unleash your inner spy with the Word Lens app! Become a native by holding up your camera phone up to foreign text, and it will translate the text immediately! The best part: you don’t even need Wi-Fi. Try not to look too touristy while doing this, but once you discern the language, you’re basically a local. Never find yourself accidentally ordering crickets again!

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Next time you find yourself thinking “I can’t even” during this bitter cold season, consult these travel apps and book yourself a long weekend in a tropical location.

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