Tis The Season for Holiday Social Media Content

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Now that it’s finally cold in NYC, we can accept that fall has arrived. Brrr. Alright, I’m fine. But what does this mean for marketing? As marketers, we are required to constantly innovate and anticipate the consumer mindset—so prepare for winter social media content! It’s coming and now is the time to lock in plans for Thanksgiving and holiday moments (if you haven’t already).

Consumers are savvier than ever before and excited to save on their favorite brands during the holiday season. That means it’s crucial for brands and marketers to start the holiday buzz in advance. Count-down and tutorial content will drive urgency and excitement, getting audiences ready to open their wallets and hearts.💅 Social media is the perfect outlet to distribute this type of content to natively fit into consumers lifestyle within reach of their pocket, a.k.a on their phones!

How Do You Want Your Audience To React To Your Social Media Content?

But more importantly, how do we set social audiences up for success and inspire them to choose your brand this fall? Leveraging influencers is a fantastic way to conduct a “mirror” effect to consumers. What does this mean? It means leveraging influencers to reflect how consumers should act during those big holiday moments. When they DO occur you will see your audiences purchasing or posting content similar to what you set through the consumer journey storyline. The beauty industry has pioneered this consumer movement of monkey see, monkey do through tutorial content. However, this “mirror” effect goes beyond the beauty industry. The holiday season presents a golden opportunity for brands outside of the beauty industry to explore this outlet due to the urgency of purchases in both the B2B and B2C realms.

Create Relatable Social Media Content

On a simpler note, look to relate to audiences with tailored-made fall content that relates back to your brand. For instance, if you’re an upscale furniture boutique, start posting content with blankets, cozy pillows, and holiday feels. This type of social media content automatically builds a connection since seasonality is universal and affects us every day. In fact, how often did you think of or mention the weather today? Exactly. Thus, applying these subtle environmental cues into content calendars is key to building genuine audience connections in-between your branding moments.

Fortunately, social media allows us to do this by segmenting individuals by location to hyper-target audiences with the most relevant content. It’s all about being THERE for our core audiences. How can we be with them for their big and small life moments? Comment below!

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