How Bachelor Nation Quickly Generates the Next Wave of Macro Influencers

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Currently, a large group of women are competing to win Colton Underwood’s heart on ABC’s 23rd season of The Bachelor. There’s more at stake though then a happily ever after. If contestants play their cards right, they may find themselves with a new (and quite lucrative) career path. 

During the first 12 years of The Bachelor, very few people profited financially- they either found love or went on to be either the next bachelor or bachelorette. This all started to change though as Instagram’s gained popularity. Suddenly fans could get an inside look at their favorite reality stars lives. Then in 2015, The Bachelor franchise made a genius move and created Bachelor in Paradise.

The premise of the show is simple: bring past contestant together on a beautiful beach and see what happens. There’s always plenty of drama and a few genuine romantic connections. Suddenly, people who were cast aside during their season have another shot to win over fans and followers. By keeping past contestants relevant, the Bachelor Franchise keeps fans committed to their shows and personally invested in the lives of a larger group of reality stars. 

So why do people love following stars from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? We believe that followers feel they can identify with these people more than traditional digital influencers. Unlike the polished lifestyle accounts that dominate Instagram, viewers have seen these contestants at their most vulnerable times, and root for them to find happiness.

In recent years, these newly famous Instagram stars have been able to drive significant sales for a variety of products through sponsored posts. Due to their relatability, former Bachelor contestants will sell 10 times the amount of goods compared to more traditional influencers. This is evidenced by companies like Hello Fresh and Fab Fit Fun who invest heavily in these types of partnerships to market their businesses.

As you follow along with Colton’s “journey” to find love, make note of all the contestants. Many of them may be able to help you rapidly drive sales by the end of the season!

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