29 Jul July TikTok Trends Taking Over the FYP

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As July is coming to a close, here are the TikTok trends that we have seen all over the For You Page (FYP) this month. This summe..

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26 Jul Simplify Paid Campaign Structure to Increase Sales

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Facebook has been talking about account simplification for years now, but it wasn’t until recently, with the data loss of iOS 14, that simplifying ad accounts became ..

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18 Jul Getting the Most Selling Power from Influencer Content

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When the pandemic first hit, marketers had to rethink their plans and pivot to digital-first strategies. With brick and mortar commerce options practically nonexistent ..

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06 Jul Takeaways from an Overseas Creative Production

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Over the last couple of years, the traditional work model has been forced to drastically change. The number of companies aiming for a remote workspace continues to grow..

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