July TikTok Trends Taking Over the FYP

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As July is coming to a close, here are the TikTok trends that we have seen all over the For You Page (FYP) this month. This summer month has brought a variety of trending sounds, sayings and content. Keep reading for a run-down of all the latest TikTok trends.


Trending Sounds


“I’m Gonna Live Forever”

Users are sharing habits of theirs that would qualify them to live forever by adding five minutes to their life every time they do that “thing.” Many brands have hopped on this trend to express the love people have for a certain product or service of theirs that is used all the time. Brands are also using this trend to highlight product benefits and functionality. 

Check out this sound here 


“Hot New Bombshell”

Based on Love Island UK’s famous line, users have taken over this sound and put their own spin on it. TikTokers have been sharing moments where they feel confident, as well as funny moments of pets, friends and family walking into the frame. There is an opportunity here for brands to use this TikTok trend to promote a product – or the product’s effects – as the “hot new bombshell.”

Check out this sound here 


“Ew, this is so cringe…Guilty”

The famous words of Kim Kardashian have once again gone viral as TikTokers share guilty pleasures that might be deemed “cringe-worthy.” As a result, these habits are often normalized as users find that many other people do that same thing. For example, a social media marketer might say “stalking influencers on social media” as “Ew, this is so cringe” and follow up with “guilty.”

Check out this sound here 


Trending Sayings


“They are a 10, but….”

Users are getting creative with this TikTok trend that has skyrocketed into virality. This trend can be about anyone and anything, and can be a fun way for brands to emphasize that their products or services are not only a 10/10, but also make people feel like a 10/10. 

See an example of this trend here   


“This is your sign to___”

Content creators are inspiring their viewers by using this TikTok trend to express something in their niche that they want to share with others. For example, we could say something like, “this is your sign to call a social media agency to enhance your social presence and increase engagement.”

See an example of this trend here 


Trending Content


Summer Travel

Summer is here and TikTokers have been quick to post their wanderlust journeys, including travel hacks, best restaurants to try, packing tips, and of course, beautiful content all around the world. This type of content has become one of the top TikTok trends; Whether content creators are enjoying a summer at home or a summer vacation, their experiences do not go unshared. 


Lifestyle & Personal Content

While the FYP continues to contain trending dances, comedic sayings and life hacks, users are becoming more personal with the content they choose to share. POV’s, Storytimes, Wellness routines, Glow-up transformations and Lifestyle Content are all trending right now and will only continue to grow in popularity. 


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Written By: Emma Feinerman, Accounts & Strategy Intern

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