Simplify Paid Campaign Structure to Increase Sales

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Facebook has been talking about account simplification for years now, but it wasn’t until recently, with the data loss of iOS 14, that simplifying ad accounts became crucial. Especially when working with a smaller budget, it’s important to simplify your ad account to ensure the success of your paid campaign.

So what is a simplified account structure? Well, we’re glad you asked. A simplified account structure can be achieved by combining multiple ad sets into one in order to target broader audience pools. This allows Meta’s algorithm to find the right users without being limited to predetermined users.


Ready to simplify your ad account? Follow these steps:

1. First, determine how many ad sets your paid campaign can support given the budget. This formula can help you determine the maximum number of ad sets you can sustain: 

  • Total weekly budget / CPA x 50 = Max # of Ad Sets


2. Help the system achieve the 50 optimized conversion events needed to exit the learning phase. You can do this by:

  • Reducing deduplication of the auction by consolidating ad sets to avoid audience overlap.
  • Reducing the number of significant edits to avoid unnecessary inefficiencies. Ask yourself: Is this the type of edit needed to significantly improve performance? If not, take your hand off the pencil!
  • Increasing your audience size by utilizing broad targeting and Meta’s Advantage products such as detailed targeting, lookalikes and automatic placements.


Keep in mind, once you achieve 50 conversions and exit the learning phase, your ad set will still reset the learning phase anytime you add a new creative, increase budgets too drastically or update audiences.

Consolidating your audience targeting allows you to add more budget across fewer ad sets to hit those conversion events faster and exit the learning phase within 7 days. We recommend creating a separate budget and paid campaign for creative testing to avoid resetting your evergreen campaigns back into learning until you test into a creative concept that has proven results.

Tried and true, our Paid Media team applied these tactics to a recent campaign and not only saw an increase in sales, but also saw a dramatic decrease in cost per result. By adjusting our ad structure and bid strategy to align with the recommendations of account simplification, we were able to reduce delivery costs, drive more efficient site traffic and convert users at a higher rate.

For the full case study and more insight on account simplification, reach out to

Written By: Kelly Jensen, Senior Media Buyer

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