Why Your Influencer Campaign Needs Instagram Stories

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When Instagram Stories first appeared in 2016 to compete with Snapchat, it was unclear which app would reign as the king of disappearing content. Instagram quickly surpassed their rival though by acquiring 250 million daily active users in just one year after its launch. To date, Instagram Stories now boasts 300 million daily active users. Influencers were early adopters of the new functionality and quickly mastered how to use the tool as a unique way to engage with fans. Even though the content only lasts 24 hours, we’ve seen first-hand how it can be a powerful addition to any influencer marketing campaign.

Build Authenticity and Establish a Connection with Fans

Influencers are often perfectionists when it comes to their Instagram feeds. This can quickly cause issues when brands and influencers disagree about the general aesthetic of the content created during the campaign. Instagram Stories, however, are meant to be much more genuine and in real time. Since they disappear after 24 hours, influencers are much more comfortable giving their followers a peek into their real lives, without any photo editing. Users can’t get enough of this authentic content!

So, what does this mean for your business? Incorporating Instagram Stories into your influencer campaigns will allow these digital tastemakers the opportunity to provide a realistic review of your brand. Their loyal fans will be truly excited to catch an inside look at how their favorite influencers are using your product in real life.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Before Instagram Stories, it was difficult to use the platform to drive website traffic since clickable links cannot be used within Instagram captions. Influencers would sometimes agree to provide a clickable link in their profile for a day or two, however, this rarely generated significant traffic for companies, and created multiple steps for fans to follow.

Thanks to the “Swipe Up” feature, influencers are now able to easily send their fans to your brand’s website. With just a swipe of a finger, engaged fans can jump over from the Instagram Story to any dedicated landing page. Whether you want to drive sign-ups or encourage people to start shopping your site, this Instagram Story feature is your new best friend.

Integrate Branded Content

Instagram Stories also offers a unique way to incorporate branded content more easily than through Instagram Posts. Creating graphics and Instagram Story frames that the influencer can upload is one way to easily integrate your messaging. Branded GIFs can also be created so that influencers can add them into their own stories. While most influencers would not be willing to share this type of content on their feed, many are more open to posting it for their fans through an Instagram Story.

Need help incorporating Instagram Stories into your own influencer marketing campaigns? We would love to help! Send us a note at info@socialflyny.com.

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