SocialLIVE Recap: Episode 95 with Life By Hill

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Miss this week’s #SocialLIVE live? For one thing, you can watch it anytime on our Facebook page, but to keep up with the speed of social we recapped the latest updates happening in your feed below, too!

Here are the biggest updates coming to a screen near you:

    1. iMessage just got animated! At this year’s WWDC, Apple announced a slew of new camera effects including the new personalized Memoji coming to the messages app with iOS 12. Stephanie and Jules shared how the new face filter options compete with Instagram and Snapchat.
    2. In other Apple news, the tech giant also shared announced that Facetime will soon let you video call with up to 32 people at one time! The update comes as no surprise given other platforms, like Snapchat, have launched similar features to compete with video chat platforms.
    3. Over the last few months Facebook has been hard at work to pen deals with major and indie record labels, and now users are going to start to see the fruits of their labor with a new Lip Sync Live feature. The new feature lets users pick a song to pretend to sing on Facebook Live. The real question is when is Facebook Karaoke coming?
    4. Instagram’s algorithm has been the source of user backlash after the platform switched from a reverse chronological timeline to a formulated feed. To boost transparency, they released information on the core factors that determine where a post sits in your feed. The platform also debunked common misconceptions about the platform including the “shadow ban.” Read more on TechCrunch.
    5. What is the one item that every man needs in his closet? Travel, photography, and men’s fashion influencer, Chris Hill has the answer! After being deployed in the Middle East, Chris discovered his passion for traveling and seeing the world! From there, he began to document his travels and life experiences on social media! Check out our full interview with Chris to learn more about his life both in-front of and behind the camera.

Head over to Facebook and SHARE the episode to win a photography session with Chris. Watch the full episode HERE.

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